Six Telltale Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Storage

Six Telltale Signs That It’s Time To Upgrade Your Storage

disorganized open storage shelvesWhether you operate a large industrial manufacturing facility, or a small power equipment repair shop, your company can face similar challenges related to inefficient tool and parts storage. If your business is suffering from any of the following issues, it may signal a need for upgrades to your storage solutions.

  1. Frequently misplaced and/or damaged tools
  2. Increased incidences of work place accidents
  3. Sub-par productivity
  4. Lengthy work cycles or service turnaround
  5. Poor customer satisfaction ratings
  6. Declining sales

The Ripple Effect of Disorganization

Like the impact of a rock dropped into calm waters, when a work space becomes disorganized, the effects within a business ripple and multiply. A poorly organized work space can lead to serious problems including safety issues, diminished productivity, and ultimately decreased profitability. Inefficient work space design and storage are often identified as the culprits in these cases. More specifically, the use of open shelving as a storage solution is often a major contributing factor for the disorganization.

On the surface, open shelving would appear to provide greater access to tools, parts and accessories. In reality, open shelving leads to higher incidences of parts and equipment being improperly stored, damaged, or stolen. Regardless of the reason, when the necessary parts and equipment cannot be utilized, productivity and turnaround are negatively impacted. The good news is that solutions to these problems are fairly easy to implement, and the return on investment can be significant.

Benefits of Better Organization

Lista Storage WallTo attain long-term efficiency, the proper storage solutions are necessary. Replacing open shelving with high density storage systems is beneficial on a number of levels. Proper storage will:

  • Improve the accessibility of large and small parts and equipment
  • Reduce the overall storage footprint by up to 50%
  • Increase security and inventory control
  • Eliminate surprise stock-outs

Achieve Optimal Organization by Investing in Better Storage

In summary, equipping facilities with the proper high-density storage solutions for tools and equipment will provide a positive return on investment by reducing expenses, improving productivity, and ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience.

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