Lista Shelving Systems

Lista-shelvingShelf storage walls are suitable for every industry as well as for every workplace and ensure optimum use of space and smooth handling. They can be individually configured thanks to various shelving depths, unit widths and shelving heights. LISTA shelf storage walls meet every requirement with shelves in various designs, dividers, shelf dividers, drawer inserts and doors.

Lista Pharmaceutical Solutions

Whether it is for the small-scale pharmacist outlet, the large-scale centralised pharmacy unit, the general practitioner or hospitals, LISTA has suitable products. Different medicines need different types of accessibility. For this purpose LISTA supplies all systems from a single source. Different locking systems, such as the code lock, fingerprint or password, can be used for each access control system in different product fields. This provides protection against unauthorised access and fulfils the statutory safeguard and removal controls for sensitive drugs. … Continue reading