6 Lista Solutions for Optimal Medical Manufacturing

Lista Arlink 8000According to the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), “medical manufacturing is a growing industry in major segments such as orthopedic devices and instrumentation, implantable devices, and medical instruments.” SME also reports medical device manufacturing continues to outperform the economy due to innovation and regulation.

If you work in the medical manufacturing industry, you know the importance of having the right medical assembly solutions in place to drive maximum efficiency. The following 6 Lista solutions can greatly enhance the efficiency of your medical manufacturing facility:

  1. Arlink® 8000 Workstations
    Due to their ability to be easily reconfigured, modular Arlink 8000 industrial workstations allow you to accommodate your varied workstation needs (assembly, test and repair, laboratories, etc.) now and in the future.
  2. ESD Workstations
    To provide a static safe environment for the control of static electricity, Lista offers specialty workstations for your workers who handle ESD sensitive components. Lista also offers static-safe accessories such as wrist straps and chords, and grounding blocks.
  3. Workstations with Dust Collection
    Lista’s technician workstations, which come with a downraft dust collection option, not only provide your workers with ergonomic, comfortable work environments but can also help to boost productivity and morale.
  4. Clean Room-Safe Workstations
    The Arlink 8000 workstations have been certified for use in a CLASS 10,000 clean room per the USA Federal Standard 209E and CLASS 7 per ISO 14644 International Clean Room Standard.
  5. Tool Storage Cabinets
    One of the biggest benefits of Lista’s CNC tool storage cabinets is they can be arranged and equipped to suit your manufacturing facility’s specific needs. In addition to different combinations of drawers and pull-out trays, cabinets also feature butcher block or retainer tops to serve as a functional worksurface.
  6. Tool Transporters
    Lista tool holders and trays can be safely and easily transferred from drawers to transporters, allowing immediate access to tools at any time and from any location.

The above medical manufacturing solutions can help you drive efficiency and productivity increases across every facet of the organization.

Article source: http://www.listaintl.com/resource-center/news-and-events/press-releases/features-release

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